Hi I’m Chris Osborne an Australian wildlife and landscape artist, clicking on the images below will display a gallery of each collection or study. Note some artworks may display in multiple collections.

Black Label Collection

My most detailed collection of artworks all on a black backdrop, professionally framed on none reflective gallery glass.


This is a collection of land based animals from my travels around Australia, Canada and England.


Landscapes spanning the globe from the United Kingdom where I was born to Australia, where I now call home.


This is a collection of tropical beaches in Australia to lighthouses from the Yorkshire coast of England.

Marine Life

Marine life is a collection of animals, birds and fish from the beaches and sea’s of England, Scotland and Australia.

Pet Portraits

This is a collection of my latest pet portraits that I have been commissioned to paint over the last few months.

Australia Zoo Animals

With Australia Zoo only 3.5hrs away its a good place to take photos of Australian and overseas animals. Here you will find a collection of my favourite animals.


This is mainly a collection of birds from Queensland and New South Wales.

Mushroom Study

My first study is a collection of mushrooms that I have photographed over the past 6 years and painted on Arches watercolour paper. These are small paintings around 11cm x 9.5m.

Butterflies and Bugs Study

My second study is butterflies and bugs that I have come across while hiking and travelling around Australia over the past few years.

Leaf and Flower Study

My third study is a collection of leafs and flowers that I have photographed while in the Blue Mountains and other National Parks.

Beach Stone Study

My forth study is a collection of stones that I have found on my local beach, Mon Repos in Queensland.

Possum Park Collection

I’m currently the resident artist at Possum Park Miles Queensland, and here’s a collection of paintings from my beautiful surroundings that I come across each day while cycling or walking the property.

Camino Collection

In 2018 I walked the full Camino de Santiago from SJPP to Muxia 900km of some of the most amazing and beautiful countryside and one of the best experiences of my life.

Painting The UK

England and this collection shows off the local beaches and animals. Also some areas of Scotland too.


About My Art

After a 23yr laps in painting, it took selling my house and quitting my job to re discover my passion for art.

• Animals have always been a favourite of mine to paint because no matter where in the world I travel there is always an amazing selection to choose from.

• Whilst traveling I photograph animals and landscapes then select the most interesting of these to paint.

• My goals are to have my artworks hanging in people’s homes around the world.

• Detail is everything in my artwork, the parts other people miss. The scars on a bird’s beak, the freckles inside a koala’s ears, the deep reflections in an animals eyes are all details I pride myself on capturing.

• Hopefully you can follow me on my creative journey as you view my artworks throughout this website, Facebook or Instagram, All under ChrisOsborne.Art

Don’t forget to check out my Blog Page which will give you the story behind each painting, my painting process and colour palette used for each painting.

Please Email me directly for more information or to purchase an original painting.