Outdoor Adventure Commissions

Below you will find examples of my outdoor adventure commissions and a price list, you can choose the size and amount of detail that you would like in your artwork.

What you’re paying for is around 15 to 40hrs of painting depending on size and detail. I use quality Arches watercolour paper and Windsor and Newton Gouache. You are also paying for years of experience and training that I have received to get to this stage in my career.

Pacific Crest Trail 2019

A5 Example AUD $300

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The Mountains Are Calling

A4 Example AUD $400

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2020 – 2022 Price List

Artworks can be framed or unframed and come in three sizes A5, A4, A3. Each size is then priced by how much detail or how complex the painting is.

Note! Because of possible glass breakage and limited packaging I will only send unframed artworks over seas.

Please Email me directly for more information or to purchase an original painting.

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