Black Label Commissions

Below you will find examples of previous commissions from 2021 to 2022, and the current and future price list. You can choose the amount of detail that you would like in your artwork and any initials you want hidden to make it more personal.

What you’re paying for in my premium range is around 25 to 50hrs of painting depending the amount of detail per artwork. I use Mi-Teintes Touch paper and Windsor and Newton Gouache. Each artwork is professionally framed with Ultra Vue UV70 anti reflective glass. You are also paying for years of experience and training that I have received to get to this stage in my career.

Reflected Beauty

SOLD – Heavy Detail

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White Faced Heron

SOLD – Heavy Detail

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The Antigonon Attraction

SOLD – Medium Detail

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On Guard

SOLD – Light Detail

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2020 – 2022 Price List

My black label collection of artworks are only available in Australia and in one size at this stage, A4. My premium range is framed in none reflective glass, however there are still three categories of detail on offer.

Heavy Detail

This type of painting has the most detail with lots of colour and complex patterns and will take about 40+ hrs to complete.

Medium Detail

This type of painting still has fine detail with lots of colour but more black space visible and will take about 30+ hrs to complete.

Light Detail

This type of painting still has fine detail but with a limited colour palette and more black space visible. Think more black swans, magpies and will take about 25+ hrs to complete.

Please Email me directly for more information or to purchase an original painting.

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