Stalking Through The Night – Detail

UltraVue UV70 Anti-Reflective Glass
Gouache on Colourfix Art Spectrum Paper

Freddy Fungi


Framed: 50 x 40.5cm

Artwork: 26.5 x 19.5cm

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This artwork has something special, within the background it references five other of my other black label paintings. This has given me an idea for a future black label series.

Left hand side reference paintings
  1. Yea Green Tree Python —— (Blog Link)
  2. Freddy Fungi ———————- (Blog Link)

Right hand side reference paintings
  1. Contemplating Wild Life ——- (Blog Link)
  2. Cicadas New Beginning ——- (Blog Link)
  3. Morning Dew ———————— (Blog Link)

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