$2.50 each + Postage

Time For a Swim (Turtle)

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Gang Gang Cockatoo

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Burrow the Wombat

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Cuddles (Koala)

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Kingfisher’s Afternoon Bath

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Bushfire Galah

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Hug Thy Tree (Koala)

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Magnificently Bad Tempered (Cassowary)

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Old Rusty

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9 x Postcard Collection

This is a collection of all 9 postcards.

  1. Turtle
  2. Gang Gang Cockatoo
  3. Wombat
  4. Koala
  5. Kingfisher
  6. Galah
  7. Koala 2
  8. Cassowary
  9. Rusty Car

I have created a collection of postcards to give everyone the opportunity to purchase a sample of my artworks.

Click the Blog Post Link (when available) to give you information about where my photograph was taken as a reference to paint from. Also see the painting progress of each artwork from start to finish, with additional notes.

Purchase Locations

Queensland, Australia

Dunelm House Bed & Breakfast
540 Bargara Rd
Qunaba 4670

Chevallan Archery Park
715 Wilson Pocket Rd
Wilsons Pocket, 4570

More locations coming soon.

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