Nine Limited Edition Prints

Arrived This Week

I always get excited when new prints arrive in the post and I must say that Springwood Printing did a fabulous job on these lates artworks.

Now the reality sets in that I have to sit down and sign and number each and every print. 9 artworks x 30 limited edition prints = 270 prints that I have to manually sign and number.

Then next week when the rest of the items arrive I’ll place the prints in a plastic sleeve with a backing board and the three black swans go into a nice presentation folder to keep them as a family as I’m not selling these prints Individually.

Why have I ordered so many prints ?

Well next month is my exhibition that I’ve been working so hard for over the past nine months. My rule is that I will never create any prints, greeting cards, postcards or any copies after I have sold the original artwork this is not fair to the person that has purchased an original.

So this means that I have to try and predict which originals are going to sell and make some prints before my exhibition. I choose to keep my limited edition print runs small 1 original, 30 limited edition prints and 1 artist proof for a display copy. Below are nine of my favourite artworks made into limited edition prints and a little description about each one.

Prints ready to sign and number

A4 Limited Edition Prints

Mischievous Juvenile

A monotone painting of a juvenile magpie capturing all its detail in white and grey gouache. The soft airy down was achieved with the finest of brushes and the most lightest of pressure hardly touching the paper.

Camino Marker

One of my favourite and more complicated paintings I’ve undertaken, showing a large variety of foliage with the use of a limited pallet. The softness of the foliage is a stark contrast to the hard stone pillar and the arrow chiseled showing direction to follow.

This is one of thousands of Camino markers stretched across Spain guiding all hikers making the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

Junction Falls South Lawson

I tried to capture the movement of water as it cascades over the many rock shelves. Never knowing which path each stream of water will take across the page until it finally reaches the bottom.

This waterfall is located in the mid Blue Mountains, NSW but have been told it looks like so many others people recognise.

Possum Cottage Night Sky

My 200th painting, I wanted to make this a significant painting and I chose Possum Cottage, my current residence, art gallery and studio.

This is from a 20sec photograph that I created of the night sky a few months ago. The southern cross and the two pointers are clearly visible showing the location of magnetic south.

This was definitely a very difficult painting to complete because of all the details and a subject of a building which I don’t normally paint.

Cattle Egret Playing Statue

This cattle egret was almost in a trance like state playing statue while another hundred or so birds were making such a ruckus, at Lake Alford Park, Gympie.

I like its individuality at standing out while doing nothing. 

These are normally seen riding on the backs of cattle or at their feet looking for insects as the cattle feed.

Kaleidoscope Dreaming

A few loose strands of this coral creeper blowing in the wind attracted the most wonderful kaleidoscope of butterflies, moths and bees.

Nicely balanced with colour, shapes and movement, you’re sure to find hidden insects among the flowers.

Have you ever stopped just to watch how your garden moves in the wind and what insects it attracts ?

Black Swan Triptych

Protective Parenting (Left Image)

Displaying a rather fluffed up defensive pose to anyone that got within a close proximity to its offspring.

The black swans feathers were painted in white and grey gouache.

Swanning Around (Middle Image)

The little cygnet is the centre piece of the two adult swans and a contrast to them in size and colour.

I tried to show the difference between the soft, fluffy down on the body to the matted pointy tips on the saturated neck. This was a result from numerous attempts at searching for weeds underwater while having the neck submerged.

Elegant Gliding (Right Image)

You may see the swan as a whole but your attention is soon focused on the red bill and intense eye. Then you follow the beautiful shape of its neck and body mimicking the number two.

Your attention is then drawn to the soft reflection and ripples in the water that flow into the next painting.

Paper Stock and Printing

Knight Linen Textured is a matte bright white high quality acid free board with a crisp linen texture. Knight Linen Textured is double sided texture. 

Environmental credentials:-

Knight – Textures is FSC certified, sourcing pulp from managed plantations and responsible forests. 
The fibre used to produce Knight is elemental chlorine free. Manufactured by Gruppo Cordenons (Italy)

Printed with a digital press that use toners rather than inks like offset presses.

Toners are fine powders composed of plastics, colorants, and small quantities of functional additives. Either styrene-acrylic, styrene-butadiene or polyester polymers are the major component of the toner.

Our Xerox press does not use epoxy polymers in toners.

Printed at Springwood Printing, NSW.

My painting come from my own experiences that I have photographed while traveling. By reading this blog, you as a viewer can now hear The Story Behind the Painting. Where, when, what was happening while I was photographing the wildlife.
If you want more details about my adventures checkout my travel blog website 

Enjoy, Chris Osborne

3 Comments on “Nine Limited Edition Prints

    • Thank you, it’s not an easy process and what started off at five images grew to nine and I also want to include my platypus and pretty face wallabies now too.
      Then when they all arrive I think oh boy over ordered again.
      I guess prints are a long term goal and take years to sell but it’s nice to offer a larger selection to people

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