Chris Osborne Art


A few moths ago I got my car serviced in town and had to kill a few hrs so I asked permission to sketch in the Red Rose Cafe, the artwork I’m currently sketching now.

Red Telephone box was located at Miles Historical Village Australia.
Red and white lighthouse located at Grassy Hill Cooktown, Australia.
Red Double Royal Mail Box located at Doncaster, England.

As a lone kayaker slices through the mirror surface of Dunns Swam they destroy the perfect reflection of the surrounding sandstone cliffs. The kayakers disturbance of the water slowly flattens and the picture perfect reflection is soon rebuilt. Then wind fractures the reflection and the cycle of destruction and recreation is played out once more.

The trouble with painting on black paper is once you add a background it’s hard to tell if the image is a day or night time scene.

It is such a good feeling to know that my artwork will be hanging in peoples homes in the local community of Miles.

So I’ve run out of A4 smooth hot pressed watercolour paper so I thought I would try and sketch this Twin City Tractor on the cold pressed paper with a textured surface.

Once I started adding the Tombo brush pens the rust started looking a little more accurate, but I think I killed a little of the vibrancy.

Can you see the mechanics legs under the car, these actually made me jump the first time I saw them.

Sometimes it’s hard to sell your artwork if you develop a special bond with them. I’m not sure what it is, this painting just speaks to me.

I wish that I had looked inside this building because It had something wonderful to show.

The Village is having a radio play under the stars in a few days time so I’m looking forward to seeing the performance and what the village looks like after dark.

Out of the whole building I really like the roof the most because of the transformation from the watercolour to adding the Tombo brush pens.

Completely dismantled, early 2000 the project a complete restoration by a group of dedicated enthusiastic people over a few years. Here’s my sketch of the Durant 1929.

When I was a kid I didn’t want to be a fire fighter I wanted to be a train driver, I guess that didn’t work out either. What did you want to be as a kid and did it happen ?

I had the tools, the online training and the enthusiasm to start something new, so here is my interpretation of Ian Fennelly urban sketching at the Miles Historical Village.

The good side to the bad weather was, we had some amazing sunsets and the dams were showing some fantastic reflections. The rainbow reflection was just incredible and I have never seen something that looked like it was a huge planet in the sky before.

I met some amazing people along the way and we shared some incredible stories, while walking through some stunning scenery.

About a month ago I was photographing birds in the backyard with my 600mm lens and I spotted a grey butcherbird, which seemed to find a bit of peanut butter that I wiped off my fingers while emptying the mouse traps.

I always get excited when new prints arrive in the post and I must say that Springwood Printing did a fabulous job on these latest artworks.

This wave of fog got caught in the thousands of spiderwebs in a range of sizes that were hanging off dead grass and shrubs.