Chris Osborne Art


A few moths ago I got my car serviced in town and had to kill a few hrs so I asked permission to sketch in the Red Rose Cafe, the artwork I’m currently sketching now.

So I’ve run out of A4 smooth hot pressed watercolour paper so I thought I would try and sketch this Twin City Tractor on the cold pressed paper with a textured surface.

Once I started adding the Tombo brush pens the rust started looking a little more accurate, but I think I killed a little of the vibrancy.

Can you see the mechanics legs under the car, these actually made me jump the first time I saw them.

Sometimes it’s hard to sell your artwork if you develop a special bond with them. I’m not sure what it is, this painting just speaks to me.

I wish that I had looked inside this building because It had something wonderful to show.

The Village is having a radio play under the stars in a few days time so I’m looking forward to seeing the performance and what the village looks like after dark.

Out of the whole building I really like the roof the most because of the transformation from the watercolour to adding the Tombo brush pens.

Completely dismantled, early 2000 the project a complete restoration by a group of dedicated enthusiastic people over a few years. Here’s my sketch of the Durant 1929.

When I was a kid I didn’t want to be a fire fighter I wanted to be a train driver, I guess that didn’t work out either. What did you want to be as a kid and did it happen ?

I had the tools, the online training and the enthusiasm to start something new, so here is my interpretation of Ian Fennelly urban sketching at the Miles Historical Village.