My Beach to Bush Exhibition

Sneak Peek

I was supposed to have this exhibition last year but it became a virtual exhibition online as all the galleries closed down due to Covid. A little disappointing but this gave me another opportunity to create more artworks for my exhibition nine months later.

I met up with mum so we could have lunch and take her to the Mary Poppins museum in Maryborough before attending the opening night to my long awaited Beach to Bush exhibition. It was too much for me, I wanted to see the exhibition setup before 5:30pm so we had a sneak peek, I was blown away.

Photo Credit Dawn Foster

Opening Night

Outside Gatakers Artspace getting a big hug off a very proud mum and a little encouragement before my speech.

It’s so good to see my name on display, I was so proud of this exhibition. The staff at Gatakers Artspace have done a fantastic professional job of displaying my artworks.

Managed to give my speech and remembered all my words, without too many um’s and arr’s. I thought I was going to be a little nervous but everything run rather smoothly, truth be told.

It was so good to talk with people about my artworks and answer their questions, everyone seemed genuinely impressed with the detail and quality of my paintings.

Explaining about where I came across the birds while camping around Australia and meeting interesting people along the way.

I decided to do something a little different and created an Auction that people could bid on for opening night. This was one of my smaller works and there was no reserve price so potentially you could take home a bargain.

All artworks are professionally framed, my white collection are float mounted and create a nice shadow as the paper is raised from the background.

Artist in Conversation

The next day I gave a one hour talk about my artworks for some friends of Bundaberg social group and other guests that dropped by. I didn’t realise I could talk about my artworks for a full hour without people falling asleep. It was a wonderful morning followed by a nice lunch at Portside cafe.

Photo Credit Kim Parnell, What’s On Fraser Coast.

Standing next to some of my favourite paintings from my black label collection, these are better quality frames in 75% UV none reflective glass. Freddy Fungi and Cicadas New Beginning.

Beach to Bush Exhibition

Friday 12 March to 2 May 2021
Gallery 2 at Gatakers Artspace, 311 Kent Street, Maryborough QLD.

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