Welcome to Chris Osborne Art

This past year I have re discovered my love for painting after a 23yr laps, so here you will find examples of my fine artwork.

• Animals have always been a favourite of mine to paint because no matter where in the world I travel there is always an amazing selection to choose from.

• Whilst traveling I photograph animals and landscapes then select the most interesting of these to paint.

• My goals are to have my artworks hanging in people’s homes around the world.

• Detail is everything in my artwork, the parts other people miss. The scars on a bird’s beak, the freckles inside a koala’s ears, the deep reflections in an animals eyes are all details I pride myself on capturing.

• Hopefully you can follow me on my creative journey as you view my artworks throughout this website, Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out my Blog Page which will give you more details about each artwork, the story behind the paintings, the painting process and the colour palette I used for each painting.

If you would like to view my Gallery click on the menu Item or the following link Chris Osborne Gallery

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