Clicking on the image or name will display a gallery of each collection or study, some animals maybe in multiple collections.


This is a comprehensive gallery of my animals currently for sale and animals that have been previously been sold.

Pet Portraits

This is a collection of my latest pet portraits that I have been commissioned to paint over the last few months.


Landscapes spanning the globe from the United Kingdom where I was born to Australia, where I now live.
Here you will find a mixture of oil and gouache paintings as I experiment with different mediums.

Australia Zoo Animals

With Australia Zoo only 3.5hrs away its a good place to take photos of Australian and overseas animals. Here you will find a collection of my favourite animals.

Mushroom Study

My first study is a collection of mushrooms that I have photographed over the past 6 years and painted on Arches watercolour paper. These are small paintings around 110mm x 95mm.

Butterflies and Bugs Study

My second study is butterflies and bugs that I have come across while hiking and travelling around Australia over the past few years.

Leaf and Flower Study

My third study is a collection of leafs and flowers that I have photographed while in the Blue Mountains and other National Parks.

Beach Stone Study

My forth study is a collection of stones that I have found on my local beach, Mon Repos in Queensland.

Beach Life

Beach life is a collection of seascapes and other things found on the beach from Australia, England and Scotland all from my own experiences, apart from the Seaweed Urchin which is a friends Instagram photo.







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